1. all i really want two do i2 be with aa

  2. (( hey look i’m doing something productive for once!

    -Thief ))

  3. if you nasty disease ridden cunt ever try to draw equius and upload him in any form to shitty blog, I will hunt you down cut you up, fuck your corpse and then send the video to your family and loved ones

    Whoa there friend, i think its time you settled down

  4. 0nly if he tries t0 take s0llux as a kismesis or matesprit

  5. (( shit you can see a lot of improvement ))

  6. (( If you guys wanna submit some asks im open owo

    -Thief ))

  7. (( this blog has basically been dead for months but i think i’m going to try to start updating it again

    sit tight kiddies

    — ponyboy ))

  8. (( I am so sorry for the lack of updates, school has been especially demanding lately! But I’m on spring break so I’ll try to get around to answering some asks. And I tried a new style in this one, derp. ))

  9. s0rta like thisĀ 

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